What Did We Do? Monday, 23 June 2014 It has been an honor representing Long Beach over the last four years as a Councilmember. Together, we accomplished a great deal, both for the 7th District and the entire city.  I wanted to take a moment and share a memorandum with you that describes some of what we achieved. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you, it has been an honor that I will never forget. Growing up, my ambition was to give back to the community that has given me so much.  Thanks to you, I have been able to do that.
$1.4 M for Willow Springs Thursday, 12 June 2014 Recently, there have been several exciting announcements about the continued development of Willow Springs Park. Several weeks ago, the Council approved $418,610 for the relocation and restoration of a historic rail terminal building to the park. This rail terminal, built in 1908, will serve as the visitor's center, sitting near an old rail line that ran parallel to California Avenue. This is a great adaptive re-use of a historic building that also will underscore the history of the park site. Just this week, the City was awarded a grant of $924,000 to improve and rehabilitate the wetlands, trails, and native habitat at Willow Springs Park.
Planning for the Future Thursday, 22 May 2014 Two years ago, I proposed that the City of Long Beach begin work on an amendment to the General Plan for the western parts of our city that are so heavily impacted by air pollution. Last week, the City Council approved a contract to begin work on what has become the West Long Beach Livability Implementation Plan.
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James Johnson was elected to the City Council on June 8, 2010. James is honored to represent the 7th District of Long Beach—the most diverse district of America’s most diverse city.

James Johnson’s passion for his hometown started at an early age. With a supportive family and community behind him, he was taught that he could achieve his dreams. James saw that this was possible because of investments that the community had made: a clean and safe neighborhood to grow up in, local parks in which to play soccer and stay fit, and a world-class education provided by Poly High School. James resolved to come back and serve the community which had given him so much, and he moved back to Long Beach soon after finishing his studies.

Prior to being elected, he served as the Assistant City Auditor for the City of Long Beach. His focus at the City Auditor’s Office was to make our City as efficient and effective as possible in the services it provides to the community. He is proud of the successes that the Office had in protecting City assets, suggesting ways to save taxpayer dollars, and fighting fraud.

Prior to working for the City Auditor, James was hired by the City Clerk Department to advise the City on reforming its Charter. Working with the City Council and the community, he helped bring about the first structural charter reform in over twenty years. While at the Department, he also worked on several cost-saving initiatives, such as revising outdated municipal elections requirements to reduce excessive printing charges.

Previously, James practiced law at an international law firm in Los Angeles, where he focused on complex and commercial litigation. He also maintained a significant pro bono practice and helped obtain a settlement in a major international slavery and trafficking case. Before attending law school, James served on the campaign for then-Assemblymember Alan Lowenthal and in the policy division of the California Governor’s Office.

He served for several years on the scholarship committee of the Long Beach Bar Association, the same group that helped him go to college many years ago. He also formerly served on the boards of the Fairfield YMCA and For The Child (an anti-child abuse organization).

James has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Harvard University and a law degree from U.C. Berkeley School of Law. He is a graduate of Leadership Long Beach and an Eagle Scout from Long Beach Troop 120. James is a proud homeowner with his wife Nicole Altamirano, who teaches Spanish at Claremont McKenna College.


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